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[Via tight-beam Shadow communication device]

Klaus, I have 'overheard' some developments that I think you will agree go against the best interests of my people, you, our Associates, and quite a few others. There seem to be some discussions going on between our 'good friend' Al and a certain alien representative on Babylon 5. My contacts have informed me that this alien representative has decided that the ban on weapons in the hands of Telepaths is a bad idea and is working to rectify that. While it most likely will not even the playing field thanks to our Associates, it is still very worrying.

I will try to gather more information, but be very careful. Things may be about to blow up in our faces, so to speak...


Mr. D


Jun. 14th, 2004 03:22 pm
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The shuttle arrives at Babylon 5 and I pass through customs quite quickly. Mr. Drennan, citizen of Mars and executive of a small new technologies business, come to Babylon 5 because, of course, the situation on Earth means that the military/government is attempting to encroach on my business and I don't like that... No one here needs to know who I really am, or how truly amusing that cover is to me.

My agent in B5 security has already seen to booking my rooms in the business sector, so I head straight there and spend a little time relaxing in my room before heading for the Zocalo to do a little recon. It's always good to get the psychic 'feel' of an area; to learn the unique 'flavor' of each place in order to prepare for anything that might happen.

There are a surprising number of telepaths on the station at the moment, a number of whom feel... somehow different from those I'm accustomed to feeling. Klaus and his associates were correct -- some kind of odd dimensional nexus has deposited a wide variety of beings here. How intriguing...

It is with some annoyance that I discover Jeffrey Sinclair (how interesting that he's back from... where ever he disappeared to last year) and my wayward project have left the station for a vacation on Minbar. Now I realize what it was I felt in hyperspace -- and I can't help feeling my curiosity rise at the fact that we missed each other with such a narrow margin. Interesting that his instincts -- or whatever it was -- told him to leave just before I arrived...


Jun. 13th, 2004 05:59 pm
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We're swooping through Hyperspace as I write this, taking advantage of the trip to test our latest hybrid design. It's such a strange feeling, being able to sense the mind of the ship. It is nowhere near as sophisticated as the glorious ships of our associates, but the technology is amazing and I can feel its exhilaration as it speeds through the bizarre landscape.

The beautiful ships have come near twice, investigating their little... cousin, I guess. They fly around us, darting near, swooping back; an intricate dance. Such beauty, such power -- I almost envy those who are inside the ships. Almost.

We will be in Babylon 5 space soon, at which time I will take the shuttle out, leaving the hybrid in Hyperspace to cavort with his family. The last thing we want is for someone on Babylon 5 to discover him...

The correct people have been contacted, the money has been transferred. I won't have any trouble getting onto the station, and with luck, will be able to move freely without any of them knowing who I really am. Just a visiting businessman, trying to negotiate some trading contracts; no one to worry about...

*knowing grin*

I am so looking forward to speaking with K. again, and meeting his new friend. And, of course, reclaiming my wayward project... This is going to be a good trip.
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Interesting that his abilities manifested, and yet we're finding out from a tabloid rag. Something's obviously gone wrong with the implant.

And now our friend Al is attempting to contact him. That could be a problem, if he actually remembers my face, that is...

Damn. I knew I should have followed up on this one myself. This may take some careful maneuvering, and may even require waiting for K. to return from his vacation. I guess it's just as well -- I do have a bone to pick with him about that recent dust-up on Mars... The very least he could have done was leave some of them intact for us to question. Just like him to hog all the entertainment...


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