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Mr. Drennan ([personal profile] mr_drennan) wrote2004-06-13 05:59 pm


We're swooping through Hyperspace as I write this, taking advantage of the trip to test our latest hybrid design. It's such a strange feeling, being able to sense the mind of the ship. It is nowhere near as sophisticated as the glorious ships of our associates, but the technology is amazing and I can feel its exhilaration as it speeds through the bizarre landscape.

The beautiful ships have come near twice, investigating their little... cousin, I guess. They fly around us, darting near, swooping back; an intricate dance. Such beauty, such power -- I almost envy those who are inside the ships. Almost.

We will be in Babylon 5 space soon, at which time I will take the shuttle out, leaving the hybrid in Hyperspace to cavort with his family. The last thing we want is for someone on Babylon 5 to discover him...

The correct people have been contacted, the money has been transferred. I won't have any trouble getting onto the station, and with luck, will be able to move freely without any of them knowing who I really am. Just a visiting businessman, trying to negotiate some trading contracts; no one to worry about...

*knowing grin*

I am so looking forward to speaking with K. again, and meeting his new friend. And, of course, reclaiming my wayward project... This is going to be a good trip.