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Mr. Drennan ([personal profile] mr_drennan) wrote2005-01-09 01:32 am

ALERT -- locked to [ profile] mr_morden and <lj site="" user=

[Via tight-beam Shadow communication device]

Klaus, I have 'overheard' some developments that I think you will agree go against the best interests of my people, you, our Associates, and quite a few others. There seem to be some discussions going on between our 'good friend' Al and a certain alien representative on Babylon 5. My contacts have informed me that this alien representative has decided that the ban on weapons in the hands of Telepaths is a bad idea and is working to rectify that. While it most likely will not even the playing field thanks to our Associates, it is still very worrying.

I will try to gather more information, but be very careful. Things may be about to blow up in our faces, so to speak...


Mr. D

[identity profile] 2005-01-09 06:54 am (UTC)(link)
[Via encrypted tight beam Shadow transmission]

Thank you for the alert - it has struck us as being of grave concern that the area has been so quiet of late. The reason for the silence now appears to reveal itself. More information would not go astray, indeed, it would assist greatly in certain matters that require attention.

K. L. A. Morden.

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